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Blooming Light Education is for the creative minded person and business owner looking to consistently grow within their purpose, niche, social media presence and more. It's for the creative that has dreamed of being included in a like-minded community, but has never found their place. As business owners, it is easy to get off track, feel hopeless and not feel important. Balancing it all can be a lot.  But Blooming Light is here to motivate, inspire and help you navigate what it takes to build a life that you love waking up to.  To create a business that fits into your lifestyle. 

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Are you ready to awaken your soul, unleash your creativity, and evoke a new passion for yourself and your profession?


Investing in yourself as an artist, individual and business owner is a vital part of your success. You need to have balance within each aspect of your life, feed each part of your mortal being or you will never feel capable of becoming who you truly were meant to be, personally and professionally. And believe me when I say YOU deserve to live up to your true potential. I get it... Running a business can be a roller coaster of emotions! It is draining, but yet so fulfilling. It is a constant battle that is hard to win... But when you take it one step at a time you can celebrate small victories that eventually lead to even bigger opportunities! 

By joining Blooming Light you will not only get to learn from me professionally, but you will get to learn from me personally. What does this mean? It means that in my private Instagram group you will get to see the inside scoop, how I have built an intentional business that fits my personal and business goals. Everything I do and create has purpose. I know that if it isn't created with intention, it has no purpose. 

It's time we treat ourselves like a delicate flower. One that needs to stay hydrated, fulfilled, and nourished. Once we decide to do this we will be able to watch ourselves grow, bloom and transform. It is time to put yourself first, build a relationship with the Lord (you don't have to be religious to be in the group!), and see how your life unfolds when you live a life filled with intention. 

Learning the art of running a business, being a creative, and balancing it all takes a lot of time, effort and investment. It is not something you can learn overnight by yourself, without a lot of trial and error. It is possible, but  why should you do it alone? Being an artist is already lonely! This is one of the major reasons I created this educational platform, because I am tired of doing this alone. 

Let's build a garden, built up of beautiful, unique and purposeful creatives that water each other with sunshine. Let's join together to build something like nothing ever done before!


You're ready to find your purpose, authentic connection, and place in this industry.

You can envision yourself living up to your full potential personally and professionally.

You're ready to awaken your soul and evoke a new passion into your work.

You're looking for a community of like-minded people to hold you accountable. 

You're looking for a cohesive aesthetic throughout your whole business. One that creates a life you’re excited to wake up to.

Sounds like you would be the perfect addition to our group?

Say no more, I'm  in!

INVESTMENT: $24.99 a month

what's included :

This is a subscription based educational platform. It's primary home is on a private Instagram page with an external site where you will find additional course content.

FIRST : Become a member.
NEXT : Fill out the questionnaire and follow the link to request access to the private group.
FINALLY : Say hi while you dive into the content and courses! 

COST IS $24.99 A MONTH - cancel aNYTIME

Get started in Blooming Light Education...

Personal guidance, experiences and advice pertaining to ALL areas of work/life balance.

Editing tutorials using my presets, workflow and visions.

Behind the scenes footage from sessions and location scouting.

Accountability and support from a like-minded community.

Access to live events. 

The ability to submit questions that I will freely answer, with the option to open them up to the group.

Monthly photography and marketing challenges. 

Posing and prompts.

Inspiring content to motivate and help you find your purpose. 

How to grow on social media, utilize email marketing and more.

Emotional support from a photographer (ME) that has been in the business for over 13 years.


What are you waiting for? Invest in yourself and change your life.


INVESTMENT: $24.99 a month

"One of the best decisions I've made as a photographer"

Mentoring with Kayleigh has been one of the best decisions I’ve made as a photographer. During my 1:1 mentoring session she went above and beyond, and created experiences that I continue to grow from everyday. Kayleigh has continued to be an amazing mentor by offering advice anytime I reach out. She is not only a photographer and mentor who I admire, but she is also someone who I now call a friend. Photography can certainly be an investment, but her 1:1 mentoring sessions are an investment you will not regret making. Mentoring with her helped me grow so much as a photographer and person. I can not thank her enough for sharing her talent and wisdom with me.

Kim Novak

Have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

There is a season for everything, so pausing or canceling your membership may happen. You are able to cancel anytime, no strings attached.

How often are courses being added to the library?

1-2 courses will be added to the platform each month. On top of 2-3 weekly posts/stories in the private group. You will also have access to early product releases and discounts.

I am a beginner photographer, is this for me?

Yes, absolutely! No matter what stage you are in, Blooming Light was designed to cater to all categories of growth. This group is for everyone!


Once a month I will offer submissions for profile critique or editing of an allotted amount of images. 

Will you offer lives that are interactive?

Yes, absolutely! Put a request in pertaining to a certain topic and I will put together a live for everyone to join!

Can we share the content from the group?

No, this is an honors system. I trust that if you are joining my group, that you are not sharing passwords, sending content to others, screen sharing and/or claiming work as your own. Please do not join if you cannot commit to the honors system. 



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