Connect With Your Creativity
Course - $349

Lets dive deeper! Never stop dreaming, you were created to create! When was the last time you left a session and felt like your soul was bursting with inspiration, excitement and connection? If you cannot recall the last time this happened then this course is for you. Learn how to translate your talents into the paying clients you want to attract. I can assume you are not attracting your ideal client if your current work is leaving you burned out, uninspired and exhausted. 

The Connect With Your Creativity Course is exactly what it sounds like. This course was designed to dig deep into your business and drive passion back into your work. It was created to generate the inspiration you have been longing for. And through this inspiration it will shine a new light onto your business, attracting like minded clients that whole heartedly trust you and your creative process. Did you know you automatically lose the chances you don’t take? Let’s take a chance on this course and find a way to connect to your inner creativity and put more money into your bank account.



  • Are ready to practice what they preach.
  • Need to change their current clientele. 
  • Need help sharing their unique talents in areas that they shine best.

This course is for business owners who:

Course Includes 13 Individual Topics With Multiple Sub-Lessons

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  • Defining your goals
  • Reviewing your current clients
  • Identify your target audience 
  • Create an ideal client profile
  • How to bring your goals/dreams to life

LESSON 1: the ultimate client roadmap

  • Financial Breakdown
  • Charging your worth
  • Implementation on pricing

LESSON 2: how does this client financially support you?

LESSON 3: finding your own voice

  • How to book and attract your ideal client from the start.
  • You attract what you post.
  • Email Interaction
  • Booking Questionnaire(s)
  • Focus on client experience

LESSON 4: crafting the perfect client

  • Practice what you preach.
  • Talking with your most engaged audience 

LESSON 5: displaying your expertise

  • Being intentional with who you collaborate with.
  • Understand where your ideal client would be.
  • Don’t try to fit in where you don’t belong.

LESSON 6: intentionally place yourself

  • Location Scouting
  • Branding that models your ideal client
  • Build authentic trust within your market
  • What you personally post online and are in person

LESSON 7: creating cohesiveness/attraction within all areas of your business

  • Step by step guide to setting up styled shoots
  • Posing advice
  • Wardrobe
  • Creating from the soul
  • How to be YOU and not follow trends

LESSON 8: creating inspiring content

  • Guide to finding your editing style
  • Evolving editing trends - Finding a classic style that is true to who you are and is inspiring

LESSON 9: cohesive editing style

LESSON 10: how to turn non-paid work into paid clients

  • Website recognition - How are people being driven to your booking site?
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. 

LESSON 11: cohesive branding on all social media platforms

LESSON 12: resource list

LESSON 13: conclusion & what's next

Course Format

Delivered through Video, a downloadable workbook and includes engaging assignments. 

  • Art that inspires you and your ideal clientele in every aspect of your business. 
  • A clear plan on attracting the right clientele for your business and financial needs.
  • A voice that speaks volumes within your work, social platforms and website.
  • A cohesive editing style.

By The End of this course you will be able to create: 

wondering if this is for you?

You're an ideal fit if you:

I'd love to help!
  • Are ready to stand out, be yourself and create from the soul.
  • Are ready to find a space within your niche that you are welcome.
  • Want to explore new ideas, create memorable imagery and have fun while doing it.