The Learn & Bloom Course
- $2,499

Everybody loves a well-told story. Visual storytelling is powerful, it is enchanting, and most importantly inspiring. It evokes emotions that most can relate to. As a matter of fact stories about other people help us to gain a deeper understanding of our own souls. Our soul is what guides us, motivates and drives us. It's what makes us who we are as an artist. As we develop our craft we recognize there is no other soul or artist that can be duplicated. Your business identity is so much more than what meets the eye. It is about the emotional adventure your imagery takes your audience on when pondered upon.

This photography course will help you build an identity that is a true representation of yourself. From booking clients to camera settings to shooting
and more. Remember... No one else can replicate what you have to offer. Be a storyteller, let your work reflect your inner and outer beauty. Let the world be your blank canvas and create masterpieces that evoke powerful lasting impressions.

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everything about my workflow & business, step by step.

  • Want to learn my entire workflow from start to finish. 
  • Are struggling to create a process that works for them.
  • Need help reaching their next set of goals.

The learn & bloom course is for business Owners who:

Course Includes 19 Individual Topics With Multiple Sub-Lessons

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  • Creating From The Soul
  • Understanding Camera Equipment
  • utilizing all technology to enhance your work

LESSON 1: your camera is just an instrument

LESSON 2: your camera is like an artist's brush

  • Defining Current, 3, 6, 9, 12 Month Goals
  • What Will Each Goal Give You?
  • Establishing A Strategy
  • What Will The Strategy Give you?

LESSON 3: understanding your goals

  • Equipment
  • Technology
  • Props
  • Studio

LESSON 4: utilizing what you own

  • Valuing Your Time
  • Procedures And Expectations
  • Email Workflow
  • Editing Workflow
  • Programs and Resources

LESSON 5: creating a process

  • Signature Style Development
  • The Power To Make A Powerful Impact On Your Clientele/Audience

LESSON 6: creating a brand representing your personal style

  • Booking Clients
  • Email Lists And Communication
  • Getting To Know My Client
  • Posing
  • Location Scouting
  • Editing
  • Gallery Delivery

LESSON 7: my workflow process & procedures

  • How does this client financially support you
  • Financial Breakdown
  • Charging your worth
  • Implementation on pricing

LESSON 8: financial stability

LESSON 9: defining who your ideal client is

  • Defining your goals
  • Identify your target audience
  • How to bring your goals/dreams to life

LESSON 10: the client roadmap

  • Financial Breakdown

LESSON 11: how does this client financially support you?

  • How to book and attract your ideal client from the start.
  • Email Interaction
  • Questionnaire
  • Client Wardrobe

LESSON 12: crafting the perfect client

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Other - Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok
  • Goals Checklist + Project Timeline
  • Email Lists

LESSON 13: marketing on multiple platforms

  • My Offline Journey
  • How To Build A Self-Sustaining Business

LESSON 14: defining what it means to have a self-sustaining business

LESSON 15: posing 101

LESSON 16 : All of my business trademarks & secrets

LESSON 17: how to travel while doing what you love

LESSON 18: live video of me working

LESSON 19 : Resource guide

LESSON 20 : conclusion & homework

This course is designed for any photographer at any skill level. Will need an active
membership to Creative Cloud or access to Lightroom, Photoshop, and or ACR.

Course Format

Delivered through Video, downloadable workbook and includes engaging assignments. 

  • Authentic, story telling imagery, that will take your business to the next level. 
  • A business strategy that is best for YOU.
  • An in person and online business that financially fits your individual needs.
  • A business strategy that continually keeps you engaged and inspired.

By The End of this course you will be able to create: 

wondering if this is for you?

You're an ideal fit if you:

I'd love to help!
  • Are looking to create a streamlined process throughout your whole business. 
  • Are seeking out how to implement new ideas into your business. 
  • Would like to ignite a new fire for creativity.
  • Want to learn new strategies for posing, location scouting and attracting the ideal client in all aspects of your business.