Building Your Online Identity (Educational Course) - $1,249

Let’s start blooming by building your online identity. Use this guide to reach your ideal client, build a cohesive brand, and online business. If you want to build an online brand that is cohesive and is a true representation of yourself you need to be courageous and confident in showing the world what YOU have to offer. 

One thing I have learned over the years is that there's room at the table for EVERYONE. We all have a different audience. We are not after the same clientele. Even if we are in the same market, you are what you attract. Meaning that the clientele that is meant for you will follow.

This course was designed to help new and aged business owners of any profession define their current or future goals. So let's brainstorm ideas together, develop a strategy for social media, create a brand that has a signature style and dive into specifics on how YOU can build that business you have always dreamt of!


  • Want to build an inspiring brand.
  • Are burned out and need an identity refresh.
  • Want to learn how to attract the right clientele in every aspect of their business.
  • Want a self-sustaining business that allows them more time.

This course is for business owners who:

Course Includes 10 Individual Topics With Multiple Sub-Lessons

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  • Defining Who You Are

LESSON 1: Be you, be authentic

  • Understanding And Setting Goals
  • Reflection And Brainstorming
  • Financial Reflection
  • What Is Your Purpose
  • Streamlining Your Habits
  • Three Step Streamlining Process
  • Breakdown Of My Own Business Process/Procedures


  • First Impressions
  • Authentic Storytelling
  • Branding Perception

LESSON 3: brainstorm ideas for a business name or name change

  • Target Market
  • Marketing To Certain Niches
  • You Are What You Attract

LESSON 4: define your audience

  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • Other - Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok
  • Goals Checklist + Project Timeline
  • Email Lists

LESSON 5: marketing on multiple platforms

  • My Offline Journey
  • How To Build A Self-Sustaining Business

LESSON 6: defining what it means to be a self-sustaining business

  • Signature Style Development 
  • The Power To Make A Powerful Impact On Your Clientele/Audience 

LESSON 7: creating a brand representing your personal style

  • 30 Day Challenge 
  • Follow My Growth Journey

LESSON 8: let's build an online following

LESSON 9: Homework

LESSON 10: conclusion

Course Format

delivered through video, online workbook and includes assignments.

  • A self-sustaining business that is purposeful and intentional
  • A social presence that is curated to fit your financial and individual needs
  • A social media following that is curated to potential customers

By The End of this course you will be able to create: 

wondering if this is for you?

You're an ideal fit if you:

I'd love to help!
  • Are looking to grow your online social media presence
  • Need to create a self-sustaining business that can run behind the scenes
  • You want to push yourself outside of your comfort zone



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