The Cultivate Memories Course
- $2,499

Discover what it is like to truly love how you look in front of the camera by blooming within yourself. Allow your soul to evoke powerful lasting impressions that shine through your lens and capture what your life is like at this current stage. Being in front of the camera is sometimes a struggle, it feels daunting and discouraging, but I promise as you start creating self-portrait work you will find confidence, grace and discover new angles of how to truly love the stage you're mentally and physically in. 

This course was designed for anyone looking to take their own photos. We stopped paying other photographers to take our family photos over 11 years ago. We stopped for many reasons, but one of the main ones was that I never felt beautiful being captured in the way that I was. I started doing self-portrait work so that I too could bloom with beauty, find confidence within myself and show my children that we are created to be exactly who we are. And let's be honest… With the amount of photos we take I could never afford that many sessions! 

The Cultivating Memories Course isn’t like anything you have ever purchased. This is a step by step guide on how to think outside of the box, to be creative and learn new skills. Not only will you be able to photograph yourself and or your family by the end of the course, you will also be able to implement new techniques into your client work. One thing I have learned through self-portrait work is that it is easier to test out new ideas on yourself, learn from your “mistakes” and then curate those ideas into your client workflow. 

So let’s start blooming together and create lasting memories that turn to photographs.

STEP BY STEP COURSE ON SHOOTING YOUR OWN FAMILY’S PORTRAITS (and self portraits) for years to come


This course is for moms who: 

  • Want images of their families that will last a lifetime and be passed onto generations.
  • Are desiring to build confidence to be in front of the camera.
  • Are ready to exist in their family portraits. 
  • Want to take photos more than once a year.

ideal for photographers at any skill level. Equipment needed is either a professional camera or cell phone.

Course Includes 16 Individual Topics With Multiple Sub-Lessons

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  • We all have different needs
  • How my self portraits have evolved over the years

LESSON 1: introduction of myself, my work, & self portraits

  • Equipment
  • Defining your goals for self-portrait work

LESSON 2: where do you begin?

  • Emotional and Physical preparation
  • Knowing your boundaries
  • Being open minded

LESSON 3: setting realistic expectations

  • Finding ways to love yourself
  • Capturing yourself in the best light
  • How to overcome those insecurities in photos
  • Be comfortable

LESSON 4: define what your insecurities are

  • Create work with deeper meaning
  • Why are you creating?
  • Who are you creating for?
  • Defining end goals

LESSON 5: create with intention

  • Defining skill level
  • Utilizing a professional equipment or cell phone camera

LESSON 6: understanding the basics of photography

  • Location scouting
  • Wardrobe 
  • Inspiration for session

LESSON 7: setting up the perfect shooting scenario

LESSON 8: bringing your ideas to life

LESSON 9: how to add multiple subjects into your self-portrait work

LESSON 10: creating pieces of art, not just photographs

  • Leave the stress at home!
  • Mind Prep prior to session

LESSON 11: Making photos a fun-filled memory

  • Step by step editing guide

LESSON 12: every photograph deserves a complimentary edit

LESSON 13: live video tutorials

LESSON 14: the beauty of family portraits and how I engage my family

LESSON 15: resources

LESSON 16: conclusion & what's next

Course Format

Delivered through Video, a downloadable workbook and includes engaging assignments. 

  • Breathtaking imagery that represents your family and the current stage you are in. 
  • A library of knowledge that will allow you to understand in depth how to take self-portraits and guide you step by step. 
  • Memories that will last a life time. Self-portraits with your family are more than photos, they are a real life representation of who you are, what you love to do and so much more than meets the eye.

By The End of this course you will be able to create: 

wondering if this is for you?

You're an ideal fit if you:

I'd love to help!
  • Cannot get your photos taken by a photographer and want to invest in yourself instead.
  • Want to expand your knowledge on taking self-portraits. 
  • Are ready to be in front of the camera and not behind!