Nick & Jacki Wedding – Minnetonka, MN

As I drove to Nick and Jacki’s wedding venue a thick gloom filled the air and the rain fell so fast and so fiercely I could hardly see through my windshield. Jacki and I talked the evening prior as well as the morning of their wedding and she was crushed that she couldn’t have an outdoor ceremony. (Earlier in the week when I first saw that there was a chance of rain I had her purchase enough clear umbrellas for their wedding party. But at the time the weather was very uncertain.) When she brought up that her vendors were suggesting to have the wedding indoors I reassured her that this was her wedding day! That at the end of the day what truly meant most was that they were happy and that they were getting married. That it was their day! If she wanted her ceremony outside then we would make magic and have it outside! Rain or shine it would all work out!

After informing all of the vendors of her decision, a few hours later the rain cleared and the clouds even parted creating a magical afternoon and evening. With every wedding or even session I have ever photographed I have always learned that it will always turn out how it is supposed to! So follow your heart and fight for what you want! Because it will always turn out better than ever expected!


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