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Want to know my “secret” on creating unique imagery that is one of a kind, captivating and breathtaking? Floral overlays! Throughout my career I have always loved double-exposures, they are sophisticating and memorizing. They add a deeper element to imagery which in return makes it a statement piece. These Floral Overlay’s were designed to enhance your work, level up your creativity and inspire you to create on your own.

This overlay collection was also designed to help you learn how to build your own overlay collection from sessions. How cool is that? Not only will you receive my favorite floral overlays that I have photographed over the years, but you will be taught how to utilize your own creativity in building a custom overlay set that is tailored to your style. Until then, allow these editable files to create an illusion of poetic moments throughout your imagery. Level up your creativity and be inspired by hundreds of overlay choices.

What’s included :
  • 96 PSD Files + 367 Custom Floral Overlays in Raw (NEF) and JPEG Formats
  • THREE Step By Step Editing Videos + Inspiring Collection Course
  • One Video lesson that teaches you how to create your own custom overlays

**Due to the nature of this product, returns are not accepted. See more below.**

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This Floral Overlay Collection was designed to be edited (if desired in Lightroom) and or utilized in Photoshop. This collection consists of PSD, JPEG, and NEF files. Please check to see if your program is compatible with these file formats. 

After you purchase, an email will be sent to you with a download link. Please download ASAP; the link expires after one week. You will receive a zip folder containing the Overlays and Tutorials  containing steps on installation and utilizing the collection. Backup your files on an external hard drive. PAP is not responsible for lost files.

DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PRODUCT, THIS PURCHASE IS NON-REFUNDABLE. There will be absolutely NO REFUNDS. Please be careful and verify your choices before purchasing.

Permission is hereby granted, as purchased, to any person purchasing a copy of the Overlays, to use, study, and modify for personal/business use AS OVERLAYS. However, you MAY NOT redistribute, and sell modified and unmodified copies of the Overlays(s). PAP still owns rights to images/overlays.

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Watch me use the Overlays...

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use all three steps, or just one!

lET’S SPEAK THROUGH FLOWERS & create unforgettable art!

If you are looking for additional editing tools...
See my three step editing process below :



Apply THE signature Presets

Browse the library of my signature presets and use them to build a cohesive editing style that will truly transform your images in an effortless way.



transform with brushes & filters

Give your images sunlit kisses, creamy skin tones and other enhancements to take your image from bland to grand with brushes & graduated filters! 



ADD FINAL TOUCHES with ps actions

Apply Photoshop Final Touches Actions to give your images that final “wow” factor that will make your images look extra polished and professional. 


Do even more with your photos with Brushes & Gradient Filters

Did you know that my editing process has three steps? Applying our brushes and graduated filters is the second step within my editing process and it's by far my favorite. This collection will truly allow your imagery to stand out even more than it already does. No matter what your style is, give your photos sunlight kisses, creamy skin tones and other enhancements to take your artwork from bland to grand within seconds! Our brushes and graduated filters are one of our most sought after editing tools and collections! So why not give them a try! 



step 2 of my
3 step process
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Can't decide which tools you need? Get them all! 

the paisley ann photography ultimate bundle
The Ultimate Bundle has it all! Get inspired and allow your images to come to life as you add my three step editing process into your workflow! Each preset was designed with versatile tones to enhance and add depth to any photography style! From film, dark and dramatic, light and airy to bold and colorful this bundle has it all. 

It Includes:
  • ALL 6  of our preset collections (thats 64 presets and 28 modifier presets total!)
  • Our Brushes & Graduated Filters (Excludes Blurring Brushes)
  • Our Photoshop Final Touches Actions
  • Get a Bonus Editing Video when you bundle!

Allow your images to come to life as you add our three step editing process into your workflow! 


the ultimate bundle:
everything I use to edit my photos


$200 off

when you bundle


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