Two-Day Family Workshop in Boston

One of the most exciting parts of my profession is location scouting! At least in my opinion it is! From mountain climbing, to flower fields I am always up for an adventure that will create a majestic scene that enhances my clients vision. It is even more of a thrill when I get to scout for workshops! Why is this a thrill? Well, I am glad you asked!

One of the major things I discuss when I teach workshops is my process!!! And location scouting is a HUGE part of what makes my sessions successful. Locations aren’t meant to just be a pretty place… No, they are meant to be a reflection of what truly brings out the best in whomever’s character you are photographing. Allow your locations to speak to your soul, to your clients personality and to what you are trying to portray for them!

This Boston workshop was a true representation of exactly why location and personality to hand in hand! They bring out the best in each other!


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