Understanding your Why and letting it guide you

This right here my friends is MY WHY… So let me tell you a little story.

Most commonly when we think of our professions or what our “callings” are in life there is usually a deep rooted reason behind why we do what we do. Right? For years when someone asked me why I do what I do my response has always been the same… I always respond with, “I do this for my children.” In my mind theres obviously a thousand other reasons why I am a photographer. For instance I am a photographer to hopefully inspire others, to provide for my family, to create irreplaceable photographs for others etc. But no matter how many times I have been asked over the years my answer usually started with my children… Now don’t get me wrong they are a major reason why I have blossomed into the artist I have become and hopefully through my example of hard work, determination and providing for my family for so many years my children one day can also do whatever they set their minds to.

But it wasn’t until a few days ago while talking to my sister when I realized I had forgotten at some point along my journey of what my REAL why was. My deep down inside why… You know, the one that truly motivates you to move mountains, to swim across the sea and overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.

At a young age I lost my father. I was only nine years old. Just like it is for anyone who looses someone special to them it was extremely tragic. I felt like I lost such a major part of my life and as I grew older I yearned for the imagery within my head, those memories I cherished to become a real photograph. Something that was tangible so that I would never forget him or the moments we did spend together. He was and is my why… 

Because of him I am able to see those fleeting moments that only last for such a short time. Because of him I don’t want to just capture any moment… I want to capture THE moment. I want to stop time so that one day when your memory is gone the moment won’t be. I want the people I photograph to have what I don’t and sadly never will. 

I was my fathers little side kick, I changed his world and he changed mine. I saw him in a much different light than what others got to experience and for that I am eternally grateful.

My dad is my why and it saddens me that I got to a place where I had forgotten that. But today is a new day and I will continue to do this for him, for me and for my children. Because one day they will need a why.

So what is your why? What motivates you to pursue, overcome and concur your dreams?


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